Rock and Alpine Climbs Page
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The Brothers 6866'

Olympic Peninsula Wa.

Colchuck Peak 8705'

A great scramble near Leavenworth and Mt. Stuart.

Dragontail Peak 8840'

A great scramble or big mountain with challenging routes. Near Colchuck and the Enchantments.

East Wilmans Spire 6120'

A rock climb on nasty rock near Monte Cristo off the Mountain Loop Highway.

Forbidden Peak 8815'

An outstanding rock climb in the North Cascades in the Boston Basin.

Guye Peak 5158'

A prominent rock near Alpental off Snoqualmie Pass. Can be a scramble or a rock climb.

Ingalls Peak 7662'

A great rock climb west of Mt. Stuart accessed from the North Fork of the Teanaway.

Kalleetan Peak 6259'

A great scramble but a near death defying rock climb when done via the north ridge. Snoqualmie Pass area.

Mt. Kent

A fun scramble just about anytime but can be  a great ice climb when the conditions are right. I-90 corridor.

South Early Winters Spire

Located at Washington Pass near Liberty Bell. An easy rock climb or scramble with hard routes on descent rock.

Smith Rocks Oregon

An outstanding cragging area located north of Bend on the Crooked River. Lots of hard stuff but a good mix.

Mt. Stuart 9415'

The second highest non volcano in the state. Good rock on a big mountain.

The Tooth 5604'

A very popular rock climb located near Snoqualmie Pass. Easy routes and hard routes on mostly solid rock.

Frenchman's Coulee

Located across the Columbia River from Vantage Wa. Fun cragging on vertical basalt columns.