Ingall's Peak 7662'

Ingall's Creek Basin

Ingall's Peak is a popular alpine rock climb located near Mount Stuart accessed from the North Fork Teanaway at the end of Forest Service road 111. The mountain has multiple routes from low 5th class to 5.7. The Mountaineers have the south ridge, south face and east peak listed as basic rock climb routes while the east ridge is listed as an intermediate. The rock is relatively sound in most areas but some areas are smooth shist which is like glass. There are lots of mountain goats in the area. If you visit in the summer when the snow is gone they will be all over the place with little goats running and playing. There are good camp sites near Ingalls's Lake or even nice car camping sites near the trailhead at DeRoux Creek or further down at Beverly. Below is a link to one of many climbs of Ingall's.

Reference Cascade Alpine Guides volume I pg 315.

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