The Brothers 6866'
Olympic Peninsula

The Brothers are located on the Olympic Peninsula and visible from the Seattle area.  The south summit is a basic alpine climb or scramble when climbed via the south couloir.  The traverse that was attempted here entails climbing up over the ridge on the east slope of the south summit then crossing the basin to the north summit.  After climbing the north summit you follow the ridge south, cross the gully between the ridge and south summit then climb the steep north side of the south summit.

The Brothers is easily seen when traveling west toward Seattle on I-90 in Bellevue or from the waterfront in Seattle. It is the twin peak mountain with a basin the is generally due west of Seattle.

The area is beautiful as is all of the Olympics. I intend to visit again to get some better photos soon. The pix here are very grainy because they were taken some years ago with a film camera then put on a CD. The conversion was not a good one apparently. Consider this one a work in progress.



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