Mount St. Helens 8365'
Link to 4-15-07 Trip

Map of Route

Mount St. Helens erupted May 18th, 1980 at 8:32 am. For those of us that lived here during that time it was a day that we will never forget. I lived east of the mountains in my home town of Ellensburg at the time and remember the dark cloud descending on us turning a beautiful clear spring day to total ash fall darkness. I did not climb the mountain at that time but really wish that I had. It is still a fun climb up now though. A great ski or glissade down too. The Forest Service requires permits year around now for climbing above 4800 feet. Information and passes can be obtained from their web site. The pictures here are from a trip we took in January 07. I had not skiied in far too long but skinned up most of the way and skiied down. It was a blast. The crater dome is growing and hot. A fun hike in the snow, a long dry slog in the summer.