Mount Si 4167'
Mt. Si (pronounced like "sigh) is probably the most popular hike in the I-90 corridor east of Seattle. The main trail starts at about 700 feet and switches back gradually for about 4 miles to end up at the base of the haystack, the formidable rock jutting up at the top.  The haystack may be scrambled from the east side to reach the true summit.  The scramble route is fun but remember to be very careful particularly in wet weather or if you are not familiar with climbing or scrambling.  Many folks have a great time ascending the haystack only to find the down climb intimidating and a bit unnerving.  The views from the top are great whether or not you choose to scramble the haystack or just have a seat on the bench on the west side.  The route is popular with those seeking conditioning or for those looking for something challenging but local.  Little Si is also nearby and offers a nice hike up a much shorter summit. Little Si is also very popular with high end sport rock climbers.
Video of hiking down Video 2 hiking down

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