Mt Pugh 7201'
Mountain Loop Highway

Mount Pugh is accessed from the Mountain Loop Highway southeast of Darrington 14 miles to FS Road 2095.  Follow FS 2095 about 1 mile to the trailhead (parking on the side of the road only).  The trail begins at about 1960 feet climbs about 4 1/2 miles to the top with about 5200 feet of elevation gain to the summit.  The views from Stujack Pass include White Chuck Mountain to the north and from the summit there is a spectacular view of Glacier Peak.  A lookout tower constructed 1921 used to sit on top but was taken down in 1965.  The A frame that supported a tram system for supplying the lookout is still standing high on the mountain.  A great summer hike with some easy scrambling at the summit.  Water is available below Lake Melan from a spring (be sure to filter it).  Also the bugs are thick at the lake on a late summer day as well. Map  USFS