Hikes and Scrambles Page
Follow one of the links below for photos and description of the climbs


Bare Mountain

A fun hike in the North Fork Snoqualmie River area. Lots of berries in the fall.


Mt. Dickerman
A great, popular hike off the Mountain Loop. Some of the best all around views you can see anyplace.


Granite Mountain

A personal favorite of mine. This a great mountain for training year around. The lookout on top is occasionally open.


Guye Peak
Easy or difficult rock climbs or steep summer hikes or winter snowshoe. A fun one in close right on Snoqualmie Pass.


High Box Peak
A great scramble easily accessed from the Rachel Lake Trailhead.


Lundin Peak

Lundin Peak is located near Snoqualmie Pass. Can be done as a scramble or rock climb. Has plaques on top commemorating accidents.

Mailbox Peak

Mailbox is just about the ultimate training hike. It climbs 4000 feet in about 2 1/2 miles. There is a mailbox on top.

Mt. Pugh

Pugh is a great hike/scramble in the Darrington area. There used to be a lookout on top but it is long since gone. Beautiful views of Glacier Peak.


Mt. Si

One of the most popular hikes in the state. Located outside North Bend it climbs 3000 feet to the top. There is an optional scramble of the haystack on top.


Pratt Mountain

I have some pix of the snowshoe hike up the mountain. A great snowshoe scramble with pretty views.


St. Helens Ski

There are no technical routes on St Helens. A great winter scramble and ski down if you like or a long dusty summer hike to the crater.


Three Fingers

A bit long but very fun hike and scramble to the old lookout perched on the summit of south summit. You climb ladders and a use a rope to get to the lookout. It is a long way down from the hut!