Guye Peak 5168'
Snoqualmie Pass, Wa

We had one day of nice weather and the promise of 1 to 1 1/2 of new snow in the mountains. Thomas and Martina got a play day pass and the three of us headed for Guye Peak. The new snow that fell a couple nights ago was as much as 16 deep or so and made for some very tough slogging up in snowshoes. After reaching the summit ridge we found a trail that we followed to the back end of a large group of Boeing Alpine Club (BoAlps) out on a field trip. They had ascended from the Commonwealth basin side with no snowshoes and were breaking the trail in front of us. There trail making efforts were greatly appreciated as we reached the steep top section.

On top we went up onto the north summit cornice as high as we dared then came down and had lunch. Our summit time was a little over two hours and I showed about 1954 gain. After lunch and some pictures we headed back down in the now very soft snow. Some glissading down lower helped to speed things up a bit. Down time about 45 minutes.

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Thomas ready to go with 2 packs. Guye Peak in the background.
Looking through the trees with some early morning fog in the valley. View is southwest toward Bryant Peak.
At about 4000 feet we were well into deep snow.
Looking up at the cliffs.
We crossed the slope with some debris that had fallen from above earlier in the week.
Looking toward Alpental Ski area with Denny Mountain above.
Martina and Thomas right behind me.
Still climbing in deep snow.
Looking up toward Snoqualmie Mountain.
We caught up to a class of BoAlps climbing students (Boeing Alpine Club) They did the had work of trail breaking.
Looking toward Red Mountain.
Snoqualmie Mountain.
Another look southwest over Alpental with Denny, The Tooth, Bryant, Hemlock and Chair in view.
Looking west up the valley toward Chair Peak
On the ridge following BoAlps track.
Red Mountain left with Kendall Peaks area on the right. The Katwalk is in the center.
The summit cornice at the top of the photo.