Granite Mountain Lookout
I-90 Exit 47

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Granite Mountain is fun but challenging hike or winter scramble from 1800' at the parking lot to 5629' feet at the summit. Its close proximity to I-90 means cell phones work and the sounds of the freeway are heard until sufficient altitude is reached to put some distance between you and the highway. Exit 47 is the starting place for many hikes to the Alpine Lakes area including Ollalie Lake, Pratt Lake and many others.

The pictures I have here are of a winter scramble up the southwest ridge direct to the top. This route is a great training route which primarily why we go up it as often as we do. Avalanche danger is minimal if you stay to the ridge which means climbing up from the regular trail through the trees until the ridge is gained. On most winter days you will be greeted by a fierce wind scouring the snow off the ridge and depositing it on the east side. Caution is advised at times when snow loading is heavy. Many avalanches run down the gully's on the south side so only go up or down them if conditions are very stable.