Mt. Dickerman, 5760'
Trail: 4.1 miles, Elevation Gain: 4013' (reference
Summit Post)
Mountain Loop Highway, Washington

Panorama photo South (4000x860) | Panorama photo North (5000x862) Video

The parking lot for Mt. Dickerman just off the Mountain Loop Highway. Forest park pass required, toilets available. Some early folks already on the way up.

Thomas and Martina getting ready.

An early view across the valley.
Across the valley you get good views of Big 4, Vesper and Sperry and others. This is the end of Big 4. A very impressive mountain.
We hit snow at about 3700 feet and after slipping and sliding over a fair amount of ice on the trail we were suddenly in deep snow.
Looking through the trees again.
Vesper and Sperry.
Our friend Dennis on the trail.
Breaking out onto the upper slopes we put on snow shoes. The boot track was ok to go without snowshoes but the shoes made for better traction and the ability to go in any direction.
Looking toward 3 Fingers.
Three Fingers.
Looking south toward Vesper, Sperry, Morning Glory and many others.
Panning a bit west.
More west with Big 4 in view.
Looking north from the summit.
Panning east. Baker, Shuksan in the distance.
White Chuck in the distance with Forgotten in the foreground.
Pugh in the distance beyond Forgotten.
Pugh on the left with Glacier Peak in the distance.
One more looking west with Whitehorse in view north of 3 Fingers. Pilchuck is on the left.
Me on teh summit.
Dennis on the summit
Thomas on the summit with Glacier Peak and a good view of the cornices beyond us.
Glacier Peak.
Glacier Peak with Sloan Peak on the right.
One of the many dogs that made the trip. This guy with fresh trim is named Storm!

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