Mount St. Helens is probably the most popular mountain in the country because of the massive eruption that occurred on the morning of May 18th 1980. For those of us who lived in the path of the volcanic ash that it ejected it is a day that will never be forgotten. I did not climb the mountain when it was at its previous elevation of 9677' but I have climbed and skied it several time since. It is a great winter ascent and an awesomeski or just about the best glissade in the state. In summer it is a dry dusty ascent, be sure to bring lots of water. Whenever you go make sure you stay well clear of the large cornice that hangs over the crater on top. People have recently fallen through the cornice and dropped hundreds of feet into the crater below.

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Information on hiking and permits can be found at this site:

Mt. St Helens 8365'
Southwest Washington