Mount Rainier
(14,411') stands as the icon of Washington State. Visible for many miles in every direction Rainier is one of the most massive mountains in the country.  The park is a virtual laboratory of old growth forest and pristine plant life.  The park has something for everyone seeking an alpine outing.  During the  summer months one may hike the endless trails including the Wonderland Trail which circumnavigates the mountain (nearly 100 miles).  During the winter months, cross country or downhill skiing (no lifts!) may be pursued from Paradise at 5400 feet elevation on the south side.  Nearly 10,000 climbers attempt to climb the mountain each year with about half successfully reaching the summit.  Please note that climbing Mount Rainier is not to be taken lightly as is any glacier climb.  Get the training you need before you go  and climb with experienced climbers when attempting the summit. For more information go to:NPS Rainier Web Site or directly the climbing ranger's blog to get the latest update on climbing and park info including pictures and reports about the weather damage from the fall of 2006.

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Mt Rainier 14,411'