Emmons Glacier  (below is August 12/13th 2006) (July 7th to 9th 2007)
A group of 6 of us picked probably the most beautiful weekend of the year to summit the Emmons route. Three engineer's from CPL Engineering in Seattle that I work with often asked me to prepare and guide them up the mountain. We met a few times in the months prior and practiced knots, self arrest and crevasse rescue. As luck would have it the weekend we picked to climb the mountain was absolutely beautiful. We made it to the summit at about 6:30 am, a 6 hour climb then spent some time enjoying views and complete lack of wind before starting our 10,000 foot descent to camp at Schurmann then the cars. A great effort by all with special thanks to Justin and Katherine who came along for their first summit and to help me out with this tough group.
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