Disappointment Cleaver is the most traveled route on the mountain by far. It is the route that Rainier Mountaineering uses as their primary route and now with other guide groups on the mountain they will be using it as well. It is a good route to take a group of beginning climbers up after they have had their training in crevasse rescue, ice axe arrest and the usual rope team stuff. I prefer to take a group like that up the route in three days with a night spent on the Muir Snowfield then another on Ingraham Flats at 11,000'. I find the group is much more rested and ready to go when they have had the extra day. I have pictures here of a successful trip up the Ingraham Glacier direct route which is preferred to going up the cleaver depending upon conditions. I also have some of the '06 attempt which was turned back due a spectacular lightning storm. July 2006 Trip
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