Mt Baker 10781'
Mount Baker is the third highest volcano in Washington State at 10,781 feet in elevation.  The mountain is located in the North Cascades area east of Bellingham.   Follow the links above for some photos of trips on the Coleman Glacier or here for a Topo! map of the mountain or a link to the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Mt. Baker Ranger District web page.

Mount Baker can be seen from the Seattle area on a clear day.  It is a beautifully shaped snow capped volcano that is a favorite among climbers for its accessibility and wide range of challenges.  The photos I have here are of one of  the most commonly climbed routes located on the north side of the mountain; the Coleman-Demming route.  Other popular basic glacier climb routes are the Boulder Glacier on the south side accessed via the Baker Lake area and the Easton Glacier also accessed from the south side.  For mountain enthusiasts the Easton Glacier route has one drawback, the somewhat common occurrence of snowmobiles on the glacier.  The north side also features the North Ridge or the Coleman Headwall for the those seeking a more challenging route with steep ice.  Ice climbing and mountaineering classes are held on Mt. Baker by several local climbing organizations. 
2006 Climb Photos

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