Mount Adams 12,276'
Southwest Washington

Pix of South Climb   Pix of NW Face of North Ridge

Text Box: Mt. Adams from Killen Creek on the Northwest side
Mount Adams at 12,276' is the second highest mountain in the state. Like Rainier and Baker it is covered in glaciers but it does not share the distinct crater on its top. The summit can be reached via a non-technical scramble up the south side on snow or up the north ridge which is a nasty rocky choss pile.

Permits are required for climbing and can be obtained either at the Trout Lake or Randall Ranger stations or at trailheads where an iron ranger accepts the $15.00 fee. The south climb starts at the Cold Springs trailhead and the Adams glacier, North Ridge or Northwest Ridge climbs start at the Killen Creek trailhead.


Text Box: North Ridge
Text Box: Adams Glacier
Text Box: NF of NW Ridge