Climbs beyond the Northwest
Links to climbs outside the country or Northwest
Kilimanjaro Kenya:

In December 2005/January 2006 Denise, Amy, Lisa and Tara took a little trip to Africa and summited Kilimanjaro then went for a safari in the Serengeti. The trip was in their words unforgettable. It seems none of them wanted to return home but would have rather stayed and continued the adventure. I have had to prune down the hundreds of photos they took but there is enough to tell the story including some great videos taken each night in the tents.
Thomas in Austria Austria/Germany 2005:
A group of 7 of us followed our German climbing friends to their homeland in Baveria then to Austria where we stayed in their co-owned farm house/hut near Mittersill. While there we climbed the Grossglockner which is the highest mountain in Austria at over 12,000 feet. What was extraordinary about the climb was the fact that we carried no tents or sleeping bags, no stoves, pots or fuel. We stayed in a hut at about 11,400 feet just 1000 feet from the summit! Great food and beer too! After Austria we went back to Germany and attended one night at Oktoberfest. That is one you have to see to believe! Great trip, can't wait to climb some more in Europe.
Jason and Gary on Denali Summit Denali (Mt. Mckinley, Alaska) 20,320 ft.:
The pinnacle of my climbing career so far has been our summit of this huge, frigid mountain. We attempted in 2003 but turned back after reacing 17,200 camp but weather was not on our side and we ran out of time. This time we made it up without much for delay. We had a beautiful summit day and a great trip overall. We did the west buttress which is the easiest route but very demanding anyway because of the altitude and the amount of gear that is carried both in packs on on sleds. An enormous, high and cold mountain, it should be on your tick list of of mountains to climb.